The Arrogance Of The Tories And Of The Media Was Their Downfall

With the most honest words of any journalist commenting on the general election has been the words of Channel4 News’ Jon Snow yesterday when he said, "we know absolutely nothing.." it is time for the both the British media and the Tory Party to humble themselves and cease the arrogance and attitude of "we know better than the public!"

In Birmingham, which hosted Labour’s social media this week just before polling day; the crowds loved these words from Jeremy Corbyn:


The reason why they got it so wrong can be put down to their having their own agenda, believing their own lies and their arrogant belief that they can control or determine the outcome of any general election.

The reality is that people are now becoming wise to the lies and abuse of print media by the tabloids, owned by Lord Rothermere and the Murdoch family.

Labour, it’s supporters, young and old, battled for every vote in constituencies across the UK forcing the final results to a knife edge, as it did not become known until Friday evening around 9pm, 24 hours after polling day, and following three recounts in the Tory strong-hold of Kensington where Labour won by 20 votes!

Emma Dent Coad was announced the winner over Conservative Victoria Borthwick in the final result in an appallingly dishonest and tightly controlled election campaign for Theresa May and her Tories.

Posted: 1st January 2017

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