Tory Tactics To Win Election Outrageous Lies Against Corbyn

Tory Tactics To Win Election: Outrageous Lies Against Corbyn

The Tories led by Boris Johnson, have this week engineered a right-wing media attack on Jeremy Corbyn rather than Labour’s manifesto policies, in an attempt to return to their original intentions of making this election a ‘cult of the personalities’.

Leading on accusations that Corbyn was an IRA supporter, Johnson got himself into hot water as he slandered Jeremy Corbyn over voting against anti-terrorism legislation; when he himself and many other Tories did exactly the same and for the EXACT same reasons – judicial accountability!

So what is Jeremy Corbyn’s true opinions and policies on terrorism?

Here he speaks on 26th May following the Manchester bombing. A speech in which he condemns acts of terrorism and puts the blame squarely on their shoulders.

You won’t have seen this on the news or quoted accurately in the tabloids, so watch yourself to hear Jeremy Corbyn in his own words, rather than being told what he said by a third party:

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Source: Labour Party

Posted: 1st January 2017

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