Voting Tory Makes You Complicit In Deaths Of The Disabled

This was the sentiment in the words of a disabled activist in a recent TV debate on a programme entitled ‘Victoria Live’.

Pic: Disabled speakerThe speaker added that “people are fleeing England for their lives.” as she spoke of her expereinces in dealign with disabled people and trying, sometimes unsuccessfully; to talk them out of suicide! Oxford University has stated this month that up to 30,000 needless deaths are occuring in England due to the acute shortage of funding and resources in nation ahealth and social care; she told a small TV audience which included MPs from all the political parties.

Whilst last night’s leaders debate on BBC TV was devoid of any audience contributions, apart from their clearly chosen benign questions they were given to ask, this was clearly the place for such comments to be made and the challenge put to the leaders to answer.

No mention of the NHS and the intent of the Tory’s to sell off all of the NHS buildings (including the hospitals) so cleverly outlined in the Naylor Report which Theresa May told Andrew Neil that she was fully endorsing, not to mention no true examination on the Tory’s record of victimising the disabled though the cuts they have imposed on their social security life-line.

With there being at least 10,000 suicides of disabled people which can be attributed to the cuts in that support, according to many of the charities working with the disabled, the words in this video should make every single one of those intending to vote Tory ashamed of the themselves.

Mark Walsh, Branch Secretary of the CWU’s Greater Mersey Amal Branch (previously Merseyisde and South West Lancs) found a compelling and emotional video clip from a recent TV debate on the General Election and tweeted it to his followers.

It says more in a few seconds about the state of this country and it’s attitude towards the disabled people, than anything else you have probably heard said.

Watch this disabled woman, and if a tear doesn’t come to your eyes, you may well be a ‘secret Tory’ – well unlikely given you are reading this website!

Following last night’s televised leaders debate, Angela Teeling Assistant Secretary T&FS from Mark’s Branch says it all about the Tories in her one-liner Tweet this morning;

“The only poverty May, Rudd, and the rest of the Tories know is their own abject poverty in humanity and empathy!”

Pic: Tweet from Angela Teeling

Couldn’t have put it better, Angela!

Source: A Teeling / Mark Walsh / C Ingram / You Tube / Twitter

Posted: 1st January 2017

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