Why Elli Long, Dan Lewis, Chris Egan And Their Peers Will Determine Our Future

So, with the General Election 2017 taking place on 8th June; the fate and indeed the future of the country is in the hands of millions of people just like the ‘Three Musketeers’ of the CWU North West Regional Committee named above!

Why, and what do Elli, Dan and Chris have in common?

Firstly they are the youth of the CWU and represent the future of our Union!

Their actions and support for the Trade Union ensures the union will carry on just as affective, if not more so, and long after those who have held Branch and, national positions within the Union and have been active in their workplaces supporting our Union and our colleagues; have passed on.

Secondly, and perhaps most importantly, they represent the voting youth of this country and hold in their hands the key to the result of the General Election on 8th June.

The battle between the Tories who intend to sell-off the NHS to American health care companies as part of a UK/US Trade Deal following the no-deal leaving of the EU they are intent on; and the Labour Party who have the most worker friendly and socially reforming manifesto of any political party since 1947 in this country; can only be won in the view of many commentators by the Youth vote!

Workers rights, Trade Union rights, the health and safety of people at work, the elderly, the disabled, the homeless, the physically and mentally infirm, children, the unemployed and the employed, along with our fellow human beings from other countries who reside and work here, and help to make this country what it is; will all suffer badly in the event; Theresa May wins the majority she longs for.

Since Jeremy Corbyn started his campaign around the country over 1 million more people had registered to vote by the deadline of 22nd May, with the majority being young people eligible to vote, who previously had not been registered to vote in the last election in 2015.

The latest demographics by age show that the majority of young voters between the age of 18 to 24, traditionally vote Labour.

Corbyn has mobilised our young people and inspired them to become involved in politics, and it is their vote and turn out on 8th June which may well clinch the result for Labour!

But whilst that may be the case, the young are also notorious for actually not voting at general elections, or seeing the relevance of doing so to their lives.

Whilst Jeremey Corbyn has done a hell of a lot to change that false perception, it is imperative that young people set up a plan to ‘Knock their Mates out of Bed! on voting day!

In fact, we need to maximise the turnout of ALL voters for Labour along with our young ‘Three Musketeers’ and their peers, without whom many think the Tories will win and God Help Us All if that were to happen!

Source: C.Ingram / YouGov

Posted: 1st January 2017

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