Youth Are Gearing Up For ‘Get Your Mates Out Of Bed’ Thursday!

The pollsters are all saying that the youth vote will be just as it was in 2015 – low because they just don’t turn up to vote!

Well, as far as CWU Young Workers are concerned – that is not the case in 2017 – CWU youth and their Officers in the North West, along with the youth acorss the country, will be voting!!

They will also be ensuring their mates vote, and vote for Labour, and ensuring the turn out of young voters smashes records previously for the number of young people voting.

The egnerla election this time has seen more young people galvanised into taking an interest in the sort of government we have from this thursday onwards.

Jeremy Corbyn has invigerated them into believing things can change and that the right government – a Labour government – can make their lives better and give them hope for the future in terms of their education, careers and prosperity.

They are learning too, that the opposite will be true if the Tories get another 5 years in power. They will destroy education, increase fees for university, increase the number of low paid jobs, increase the size of the ‘gig economy’ and then need for even more foodbanks than we already have. In work poverty will reach proporsions last seen in the 1930s.

The youth of today know that is what faces them under the Tories, and that is why there has been a massive surge across the country in the number of young people getting involved in door to door canvassing, posting leaflets, attending meetings and rallies, and shwoing up in huge numbers at Jeremy Corbyn’s rallies, like that in Gateshead last night when thousands couldnt get into the arena.

But as these pics show, it is multi-generational, unlike the Tories who are trying to pit young against old, with their phrase ‘fair to both generations’ being used as an excuse to cut the existing standards of living of penionsers to those of the ypoiung as they maintain a low standard for the youth of this country for the future!

All across the country wherever Jeremy Corbyn has gone, the number of Briatain’s youth attending his meetings, rallies and events has been staggeringly obvious, even to a media that has refused in the most to report it.

The know the youth vote on Thursday could very well swing this election away from May on the day it matters, and are doiugn their best not to relfect that element within their news reports.

So, on Thrusday 8th June 2017, get your mates otu of ebd and head down to the local voting station together and cast your vote for your future and that of the counbtry by voting Labour for government!

In the meantime, Branc he sin the Nort West are busy sending out leaflets, badges, stickers and letters top their members encoiuraging them to vote on Thrusday, and for the Labour Party.

The CWU nationally are of course supprting Jeremy Corbyns for PM and the Labour Party’s manifesto which offers more to wokring people of this country, young and old; more than any other party has since the second world war.

Source: C.Ingram Pics: D.Lewis / B.Kenny / C.Ingram / C.Webb

Posted: 1st January 2017

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