BT and Openreach first strikes in 37 years – Friday 29 July and Monday 1st August

CWU BT and Openreach members delivered a massive vote for industrial action, smashing the Tory anti-worker legislation. Openreach members delivered a 95.8% yes vote and our BT members returned a 91.5% yes vote. Both smashed the anti-trade union i.e., turn out requirements.

The company imposed a low flat-rate pay rise for 2022 – Our members received no pay rise in 2021 only a one off lump sum.

The company made 1.3 billion in annual profit, with the BT Group CEO Philip Jansen, gaining a 3.5 million pay package – a 32% increase. Shareholders received an 800 million pay-out.

The Union gave BT Group one week to meet and start meaningful negotiations or we would serve notice on taking strike action, the CEO refused to meet. This will be the first national dispute in BT since 1987 and will involve close to 40,000 members.

The majority of workers working for BT work in contact centres and this will be the first national call centre workers strike in British History.

When our BT and Openreach take industrial action on the 29th July and 1st August this will be the strike action at BT Group since 1987.

These workers kept this country connected during the pandemic. Without CWU members working across BT Group, there would have been no home-working revolution.

Enough is Enough!

CWU North West Picket Lines – BT and Openreach Pay Dispute

06810 BT picket leaflet A5 FINAL

Posted: 28th July 2022

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