Coronavirus Scams and Cyber Security & Safety Online

Amidst the COVID-19 outbreak in the UK, many of us are concerned about what will happen next. However, many scammers see it as an opportunity to profit. The CWU North West Regional Education Committee have produced two Microsoft Sways that look at Cyber Security and some of the Coronavirus scams that are circulating at the moment. […]

Posted: 5th May 2020

Ramadan and coronavirus: Supporting Muslim workmates

The next month is a time for deep spiritual reflection and collective rituals for Muslims across the UK. In normal times, it’s spent breaking fast with friends and family, doing charitable activities and praying together. For the next four weeks, thousands of Muslims across the UK will be fasting during daytime to mark Ramadan or […]

Posted: 24th April 2020

CWU win for BT members living with Covid 19 ‘extremely vulnerable’

An important breakthrough has been finalised by the union on behalf of members across BT Group who live with individuals deemed to be at especially high risk of life-threatening complications if they contract Covid 19. Ever since the Government notified 1.8 million people that they should isolate themselves at home to protect themselves from coronavirus, […]

Posted: 21st April 2020

Guidance on Assistance Available to Members and their Dependents during the COVID-19 Crisis

The CWU Research Department has produced a report click here  outline of the various processes and aid that may be available to members and their dependents during what may be for many extremely worrying times. The report includes advice regarding the self-employment income scheme, mortgage and council tax holidays, renting arrangements and childcare. Also highlighted […]

Posted: 17th April 2020

Coronavirus – What are the rules if you’re temporarily laid off?

The coronavirus outbreak has put the UK economy under immense strain, with businesses across the country shutting down to prevent the spread. After discussions with trade unions, the government is to plough billions of pounds into a furlough scheme that will see the taxpayer give businesses 80 per cent of the wages of those employees […]

Posted: 3rd April 2020

Pregnant and worried about coronavirus?

Pregnant and worried about coronavirus? Here’s what you need to know Government guidance classifies pregnant women as part of the ‘vulnerable people’ group who should observe “social distancing measures”. What does this mean for pregnant women at work?

Posted: 3rd April 2020

Outrage at BT for continuing with compulsory redundancies in the time of Coronavirus….

The CWU has expressed its shock and disbelief at BT Enterprise’s refusal to lift the threat of compulsory redundancies at a time when the fast-escalating coronavirus crisis looks set to test the country at large – and inevitably BT Group as a whole – to the limit. Well before the monumental threat posed by Covid […]

Posted: 23rd March 2020