Theresa May Manipulates Google To Put Stop To People Reading About Dementia Tax

The cut in the Tory’s lead over Labour continues with a 5 point drop in the opinion poles now placing Labour 13 points behind them, and the growing disquiet about Theresa ‘Thatcher’ May’s so called ‘Dementia Tax’; has seen the Tories panic as they fork out thousands to pay for an advert that appears at the top of the Google search engine results page when users search for “dementia tax” in response to growing attacks on Theresa May’s social care policy.

The biggest single issue that exemplifies and gives away what the Tories are all about, appears to have been the Tory manifesto introducing what is being dubbed a Dementia Tax, due to the fact that many elderly people need support and treatment in care homes due to suffering from dementia and Alzheimer’s, both degenerative diseases leaving victims unable to care for their own basic needs in it’s later stages.

Now of course after the outcry amongst even Tory shires, Theresa May is claiming she will put a maximum cap on what can be charged for elderly care in a vague U-Turn on her previous scrapping of any such curtailment on the profits of care homes.

Media estimates today said that approximately 9 out of 10 people who need care in their old age will have to have their homes sold after their death, leaving their children with minimal heritage.

“Since my manifesto was published, the proposals have been subject to fake claims made by Jeremy Corbyn. The only things he has left to offer in this campaign are fake claims, fear and scaremongering,”  The Guardian reports her as saying during a speech in Wrexham to launch the Welsh Tory manifesto.

“So I want to make a further point clear. This manifesto says that we will come forward with a consultation paper, a government green paper. And that consultation will include an absolute limit on the amount people have to pay for their care costs.”
However, the prime minister refused to be drawn on the level of the new cap.

The Guardian goes further reporting that;

Despite May’s insistence that there had been no shift in position, she immediately faced a string of difficult questions from journalists who said the announcement amounted to a “manifesto of chaos”.

“Let’s be clear we have not changed the principles we set out in our manifesto. What we have done is clarified that in the green paper which will be a consultation document we will have an upper limit. But the basic principles remain the same,” the prime minister responded.

“Nothing has changed, nothing has changed,” she added tersely, raising her voice towards the end of the session when a correspondent from the Telegraph asked if anything else was likely to be altered in the Tory manifesto.

In response, the shadow social minister, Labour’s Barbara Keeley told the Guardian:

“What people need is certainty, so they can know how their future care needs will be met. What the Tories are delivering is chaos, confusion and indecision over the funding of care. The Tories were going to introduce a cap on care costs in April 2016, then in April 2020 and now they are talking of a green paper which is another delaying tactic.”

Source: The Guardian

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Posted: 1st January 2017

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