Young Workers Committee

Knowing your rights as a young person in today’s society is vital within your working life. Without your working rights, how will you know what’s right and wrong, how will you know when to speak up and do you know who to speak to if things go wrong

Being a member in your Trade union “CWU” is your RIGHT! But being involved is the key.

This committee cannot work without YOU, ITS MEMBERS. The campaign plan for this year cannot go forward without YOU!

As Nelson Mandella said in his address to the youth KaNyamazane, April 13, 1990:

“Therefore it is clear, dear comrades, that your place and role in society and the struggle imposes the responsibility on you to act in unison as one of the principal motor forces of our struggle. This requires of you political maturity, strong and soundly democratic organisations, smooth running of all your activities, and united, determined action for the victory of the national, democratic struggle.”

Contact us for further info and to volunteer to be a member of the CWU’s North West Regional Young Workers Committee